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Bamboo: Florida’s Future Sustainable Crop?

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Commercial Real Estate Investment: Bargain Shopping in America

If you were a stockbroker and discovered that Microsoft stock was selling for $120 a share in Northern California and at only $60 a share in Chicago, you probably would figure out a way to buy it at the lower cost in Chicago. As commercial real estate investors today, we find ways to take advantage of the tremendous inefficiencies that exist around the country (and around the globe) in the same way.
Unlike stock, no two real estate investments are exactly alike, so the challenges and opportunities are significant. For example, today we can purchase a Northern California property for $210 per square foot at an 8.2 percent capitalization rate or we can buy a similar one in Chicago for half that price psf with a 22 percent higher cap rate. When you consider the falling rents and job losses occurring in Northern California and the fact that it is the highest priced market in the country, it would be prudent to diversify into other regions with less downside risk.

Large Balance Portfolio Building Strategy

Managing Risk and Maximizing Returns
Alliance manages risk and maximizes returns for our portfolios by obtaining granular information, insights, and forward-looking intelligence that we absolutely need to make confident, data-driven decisions.
Find New Opportunities
We access up-to-date and accurate property level data, including vacancy, rents, sale comps, tenants, and contact information.
“In a moment’s notice, a snap of the fingers, we can pull up the trade area and we can show see the subject property, we can see the competition… we see just about everything we want to know very quickly,” says Steven Zoernack, Managing Director.
Quickly Evaluate Assets
Generate a custom, comprehensive report for any asset, that includes high quality images, peer property analytics, lease comps, and more.
Stay on Top of Market Trends
Our tier 1 partners are a team of industry-leading economists that provide analysis and forecasts for 440 global markets and 1,400 submarkets.
Track New Construction
Through our partners we can access comprehensive construction pipeline data fueled by our partner’s fleet of 230 field research vehicles and their research plane, which captures footage from 2,000 feet in the air.


We not only understand the institutional sellers and buyers of the larger transactions, but also the level of detail and sophistication required to fully acquire, finance, develop, manage and dispose of properties from $20 million to $200 million and greater.



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