Our Management Team and Philosophy

Steven Zoernack
Managing Director
Telephone (941) 208-2000

As Managing Director, Steven Zoernack is involved in the day to day activities of Alliance. Steve has over 25 years experience in commercial real estate transactions including originating, underwriting, valuing, closing and selling large balance commercial real estate loans to Wall Street Investment banks for addition to pools of CMBS transactions. Property types include multifamily, office, hospitality, warehouse, retail, healthcare, mobile home parks and agricultural properties.

A specialty of Steve’s has always been originating, underwriting and valuing agricultural properties as large as 14,000 acre farms throughout the United States.

Bamboo: Florida’s Future Sustainable Crop?

The Florida Citrus Industry is in a temporary or permanent decline due to what’s being called the “greening” of citrus.

Citrus greening is spread by a disease-infected insect, the Asian citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri Kuwayama or ACP), and has put the future of America’s citrus at risk. Infected trees produce fruits that are green, misshapen and bitter, unsuitable for sale as fresh fruit or for juice.

Alliance RE Partners, through its BambooBoss division, will be turning underperforming and undervalued citrus groves and other fertile land in Florida into eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo plantations. “Bamboo grows best on citrus land, uses similar irrigation and nutrition practices but has no material pests and diseases and can produce profits of over 5 times what an acre of citrus can. When planted, clumping-type bamboo looks similar to an orange grove, with a planned setting and everything precisely in its place,” according to Steven Zoernack. He also states that “bamboo is an incredibly versatile crop, with a wide range of potential uses. It can be used in construction as a sustainable alternative to wood, for example, or in the production of textiles, paper, and even food products. This versatility means that bamboo has the potential to be a significant contributor to the global economy, providing new opportunities for farmers, investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Industry Specialties

  • Acquisition positioning;
  • Valuation & analysis;
  • Ag maintenance, growth and production;
  • Transaction structuring;
  • Capital markets implementation;
  • Detailed Underwriting;
  • Partner transparency;
  • Exit Strategies.

Our Best in Class Team of Seasoned Commercial Real Estate Professionals

We have carefully built a tier 1 team that offers ultimate support and serves as the backbone to our success and includes onsite farm managers, offsite property managers, agronomists, botanists, harvesting and processing experts, crop marketing and sales experts, lenders, appraisers, attorneys, accountants and bookkeepers, environmental experts, and more.

Economies of Scale
One of the primary benefits of our speciality niche focusing on large tracks of land is that we will always enjoy economies of scale. As we significantly grow a portfolio of properties, we are able to scale and benefit from the synergy that our own properties create for each other.

We want to become the go-to firm for the bamboo plantation asset class.