Our Management Team and Philosophy

Steven Zoernack
Managing Director
Telephone (941) 208-2000

As Managing Director, Steven R. Zoernack is involved in the day to day activities of Alliance. Steve has over 25 years experience in commercial real estate transactions from a lender’s viewpoint and this vast experience includes originating, underwriting, valuing, closing and selling large CMBS transactions to Wall Street Investment banks. Property types include large multifamily, office, hospitality, warehouse, retail, and healthcare.
Mr. Zoernack developed a speciality niche in Mobile Home Parks before they became a hot asset class and when no one else was doing them. He has learned how to value them and he strives to find extremely undervalued mobile home parks to place in portfolios to manage using economies of scale.
Occasionally he will find portfolios of extremely undervalued multifamily or mobile home park communities in the $10-20mm range that can be purchased at 50 cents on the dollar and can produce immediate equity at closing.
Direct line: +1 (941) 888-4711
Email: szoernack@alliancerepartners.com
Industry Specialties
Detailed evaluation and advisory services with expertise in the following:

  • Development of Prospective Sales Strategies
  • Capital Markets Implementation
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Valuation & Analysis
  • Detailed Underwriting

Our Best in Class Team of Seasoned Commercial Real Estate Professionals
We have carefully built a tier 1 team that offers ultimate support and serves as the backbone to our success and includes both onsite and offsite property managers, realtors, appraisers, lenders, attorneys, accountants and bookkeepers, construction partners, and more.
Economies of Scale
One of the primary benefits of our speciality niche focusing on large multifamily and mobile home parks is that we will always enjoy economies of scale. As we significantly grow a portfolio of properties, we are able to scale and benefit from the synergy that our own properties create for each other.
We are able to save on expenses common to all properties and additionally we are often able to move tenants between properties if desirable to the tenants because they have grown or need to downsize. This helps being able to properly and efficiently manage our properties.
We want to become the go-to firm for our investment multi family and mobile home park asset class.
If you want to become the biggest tree in the forest, you need the strongest roots.